It’s amazing to consider the amount of connected activity these days, as we become increasingly reliant on the internet for social connection, entertainment, work, shopping, etc.

That’s become even more evident in recent years, with the pandemic sparking a new shift to working from home, which means that, increasingly, more and more people are reliant on the web for virtually everything they do.

Really, many people could now live their entire life online, with all of their connection activity available without ever leaving their home. And this is before the coming metaverse shift, which is expected to see people turning to the web for even more of their day-to-day interactions.

Providing some perspective on this, the team from Domo have published their annual ‘Data Never Sleeps’ overview, which looks at exactly how much activity is happening online every minute.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the report, and Domo has also published a supplementary overview of the last decade of trend data (below the main chart).

It’s hard to even comprehend this level of activity – check out the latest ‘Data Never Sleeps’ visualization below.